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Emerging markets, over the last few decades, have established their dominance as engines of sustained global economic growth. The phenomenal growth and consumption opportunities that the next billion consumers in these markets present, continue to attract global consumer brands. This growth has resulted from widespread urbanization and strong consumption by a growing middle class population. Trends and studies across the board indicate sustained and strong consumption-led growth for the next few decades.

While these markets provide lucrative growth opportunities, they also present unique challenges, especially when reaching out to consumers. One of the primary institutional voids in the emerging markets is the low penetration of organized retail – a key channel for product distribution in the developed markets. However, nearly 90% of sales in the emerging markets is driven by complex distribution networks comprising thousands of distributors and millions of small retailers. Global brands, face the following key issues, among others:

  • Lack of visibility into sales, inventory and order across the distribution chain
  • Inability to efficiently and seamlessly exchange sales, inventory, demand and promotion information with distributors
  • Slow on-boarding of distributors and standardization of their daily business activities
  • Poor retailer reach and suboptimal cash collections
  • High costs owing to poor distributor productivity and sales execution
  • To win in the emerging markets, global executives need a solution that provides insights – from distributors to consumers – across the distribution chain, and accelerates growth.
  • Retailer Self-order is the best insights-driven sales platform for global brands to accelerate profitable growth in the emerging markets

  • Retailer self-order has been designed from ground up to serve unique requirements of the emerging markets. It helps them to:
  • Know markets better – Maximize visibility by generating accurate and actionable insights across the distribution channel. Improve case fill rate by up to eight percent while reducing non-productive inventory by up to four percent
  • Reach customers faster – Amplify reach by rapidly on-boarding distributors and reaching un-served retailers. Accelerate order–to-cash cycle time by up to 60 percent
  • Drive costs lower – Minimize costs by improving distributor productivity and enhancing sales force execution. Reduce ordering costs by up to 80 percent and increase store coverage by up to 15 percent
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